Member roundtable with Senator Klobuchar

In December, we were proud to host a labor roundtable about workers’ rights with candidate for President Senator Amy Klobuchar, alongside other local union leaders from United Teachers of Dade, United Faculty of Miami Dade College and the South Florida AFL-CIO.

Senator Klobuchar discussed the dignity of work and the necessity of strengthening our unions and protecting rights like collective bargaining.

“When our unions are strong, the economy is strong,” she said. “When the economy is strong, our people are strong.”

Read more in the Miami Herald’s coverage of the event.


SEIU has not yet endorsed a candidate in the Presidential race. We’re focused nationally on ensuring that unions are represented at the ballot box, and spending time with as many candidates as possible to educate them on our priority issues — like health care access, climate change, and economic justice. When we do endorse a candidate we’ll look for someone who has pledged to fight for the issues that matter most to our members.

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