SEIU 1991 Rallies for #UnionsForAll

SEIU members outside Democratic debates in MiamiThe first Democratic debates of the 2020 cycle, held right here in Miami, were a great opportunity to bring our progressive message and vision front and center in the national conversation. 

Thank you to all the SEIU members from around the state who came together to rally outside the debates for workers’ rights, unions for all, access to affordable health care, and other critical issues.

We were encouraged to hear two nights of debates anchored in a deeply progressive vision for the future of our country – including checking corporate power, taking on special interests, equal pay for equal work, a green economy, raising the minimum wage, universal health coverage, and more. And we will continue to demand that 2020 candidates champion economic and racial justice, the fight for $15, and the opportunity for every American to join a union. 

See photos from the debates and watch parties