“The New Efficiency Task Force”
Written by J Keith Buehner RN, Education Coordinator, SEIU Healthcare Local 1991

The new and redesigned Efficiency Task Force (ETF), as a result of our new contracts, has a new mission as of March 01,2012.

In lieu of giving up a total of $52 million in contributions to management, our bargaining team was able to lower the donation to $37 million dollars and the remaining $15 million dollars would be contributed in “efficiency ideas.”

As a result of the contract, we are giving up 1.54 hours of PL time per pay period as a collateral down payment for us to make the $15 million by September 29, 2012. Our ETF team is optimistic that this goal will be accomplished and the 1.54 hour of PL time taken from each pay period by  each member, will be returned to us.

Fitch Healthcare Consultants, from Chicago, Illinois, has been working with our Union for 2 years now and they are leading us in accomplishing our efficiency ideas and 15 million dollar goal.  The ETF has received vital information from our members related to cost saving ideas and we are processing these ideas to help lead Jackson Health System to a sustainable future.

For more information on Fitch Healthcare’s work, click here:

Team members are Duane J Fitch, CPA, MBA ,  Joe Whiting, FACHE, Karyn Bachar, Janel Nemec RN, Martha Baker RN, Keith Buehner RN, Barbara Scollon RN, Dr David Woolsey MD, and Sam Ruiz, RN.

The great news is that your ideas are helping to keep management out of our pockets and also are a step in the right direction to SAVE JACKSON!