Labor and Delivery – Temporarily Increasing ESB

Tiered Per Diem Rates

Revised Rates for Extra Shift Pay Program

Reactivating Extra Shift Bonus: Jackson North, Associate Nurse Manager in all units

Reactivating Pay Supplement – Psychiatrists

Deactivating Extra Shift Bonus MOU

Executed MOU – Tiered Per Diem Rates

Pediatric Transport MOU

Social Workers MOU

CRNAs Additional Benefits

Increasing Sign-On Bonus – Attending Physicians, Company 710 Bargaining Unit

Extra Shift Bonus – ANM in Jackson West Hybrid Room

Extra Shift Bonus – Attending Physicians at UCCs

Extra Shift Bonus – JWMC

Pay Supplement – Psychiatrists in BHH and CHS

Extra Shift Bonus Expansion – Physician Assistants and APRNs at all Urgent Care Centers

Extra Shift Bonus Expansion – Physician Assistants

Increasing Sign-On Bonus – All positions in Company 710

Extra Shift Bonus Eligibility

Revised Extra Shift Bonus Job Classifications and Rates as of March 17, 2022

Extra Shift Bonus – Cath Lab/ Interventional Radiology Clinical Staff Nurses & Associate Nurse Managers

Extra Shift Bonus – Clinical Care Coordinator

Amended MOU to Call Out Incentive Program

Extra Shift Bonus – CM, MT, CSN, ANM

Extra Shift Bonus – Job Basis Employees – Inpatient RN

SEIU Speak Up Award

Enriched Referral Bonus

Mandatory Mask Requirement During Flu Season

Settlement Agreement – Personal Leave Cap

Referral Bonus

Personal Leave Cap

Extra Shift Bonus

Crisis Period Shift Pay Program