About Us

Who We Are:

SEIU Healthcare Florida Local 1991 is the exclusive bargaining representative for the 5,000 registered nurses, attending physicians and healthcare professionals in the Jackson Health System. Since SEIU Local 1991 was chartered in 1991, we have negotiated some of the best wages and working conditions in the United States for our members. We are proud to have one of the few contracts in the nation with a guaranteed 40-hour work week as well as a full-time 36-hour work week. We recently negotiated into our contract a rare and coveted provision requiring a nurse-to-patients staffing ratios policy at Jackson.

Since Florida is a Right to Work state, Local 1991 consistently works to meet the challenge to keep our union strong by maintaining high membership levels. We work hard to educate all potential members of the great benefits that come with unity and activism among workers. It is only through our solidarity that we have had the strength to make the great strides we have in our contracts.

What We Do:

We give RNs, attending physicians and healthcare professionals a voice in their profession. Working through union committees and with professional union staff, union members help negotiate contracts, develop and present educational seminars, lobby for our issues with County Commissioners and state and federal lawmakers, improve our work environment, defend the rights of all our members and advocate for changes that will improve the quality of healthcare at Jackson.

We have professional staff and trained leaders that represent our members in the workplace on a daily basis in job related disputes or disciplinary actions. We also negotiate with management over policy changes that affect our working conditions.

At Local 1991 we have a strong history of fighting for our members. We have taken several cases all the way to arbitration and with only a very few exceptions we have won them all in favor of the employee.
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