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By becoming a member of SEIU Local 1991, you are joining thousands of your coworkers who are committed to creating a better healthcare delivery system and a more just society.


Have questions about the new online membership form? Check out our frequently asked questions:

Q: What is the SEIU Local 1991 member portal?

It’s our new online membership portal. It’s secure and simple. All you need is your bank account and routing number or a credit/debit card. Dues will be deducted on a bi-weekly schedule, but only after the new law goes into effect. We’ll notify you before the first deduction.

Q: I already pay Dues through my paycheck, do I have to sign up on this new system to remain a dues-paying member once the law goes into effect? 

Yes! Regardless of whether you’re a long-term dues-paying union member or a new member, you will need to sign up on the new member portal to recommit to your union and change the way you pay dues.

Q: Why Should I sign up now? 

When the law is enacted – expected in July – we need to be ready. If everyone signs up now, we are better able to protect our contract and stay strong. The SEIU 1991 Member Portal helps protect our ability to join together in our union, all the rights and benefits we have won in our contract, and our ability to fight back against anti-union laws and policies in the future.

Without our union, we have far less power to fight back when bad bosses unjustly discipline, suspend or terminate someone. If we lose our union, we lose our contract that ensures valuable benefits like our guaranteed work week, retirement plan, and standards for safe workplace conditions. We also lose our voice in patient care.

Q: Is using the SEIU 1991 Member Portal safe?

YES! SEIU 1991 staff do not collect or store your banking or credit card information in our databases, therefore we cannot share or lose your account data. Using a third-party system – currently Stripe or Square – communication is facilitated between your bank or credit card company and your union’s bank account to complete an ACH or credit card payment. It’s just like paying a restaurant with a credit card, but even safer!

Q: Do I need to worry about double-paying my dues?

Deduction of dues from your personal account will not start until after your employer stops deducting dues from your paycheck. if you notice any issues, please contact or (305) 620-6555.

Q: Will I be paying the same amount? 

SEIU Local 1991 members’ dues are 1.25% of their base salary, capped at $41 /bi-weekly, and the amount you pay will not be impacted by this change. The only way dues could change is by a vote of the membership per requirements of the 1991 Constitution and Bylaws.

Q: What about overdraft fees?

To avoid the risk of overdraft fees, dues will be deducted using the same schedule as your current direct deposit schedule at Jackson Health System (just like when dues were allowed to be deducted via payroll). If you do not have sufficient funds or your payment fails for other reasons, you will receive an email and/or SMS text prompting you to update your info.

Q: Is there another way to pay dues and recommit? 

Currently, to protect your information and ensure you remain a dues-paying member, signing up on the new member portal is the best way to protect our union and our contract.

Q: What are micro-deposits?

For security purposes, if you pay via ACH bank withdrawal, you may have to verify micro-deposited amounts of money. Micros-deposits are small amounts of money (usually under $1) that will be transferred into and out of your banking account to verify the account is valid. Micro-deposits are used widely across financial institutions.

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