SEIU 1991 Climate Committee

rickenbacher_causewayThe Climate Committee is made up of Jackson employees who see the connection between our patients’ health and the health of the planet. The Committee meets every other Wednesday at 1:30 p.m. Please contact Caitlin MacLaren at for more information.

Mission Statement

The JMH/SEIU 1991 Climate Committee seeks to reduce the hospital’s carbon footprint to improve community and environmental health and to use our credible voice as health care workers to speak up about environmental justice.


Our vision is to build a low-carbon health care system that supports the hospital’s values to provide the best care by demonstrating compassion for the health of our community, accountability for our role in climate change, respect for our planet and expertise in being a resilient health care system.

Our Work

  • Educating staff about climate change and its relationship to health
  • Increasing staff participation in medical waste recycling program
  • Identifying and advocating for changes within Jackson to make our institution more sustainable and resilient
  • Meeting with elected officials about their plans for combatting climate change


According to the World Health Organization, climate change is expected to cause 250,000 additional deaths per year between 2030 and 2050

Climate change’s impacts on health include:

  • Extreme heat leading to more deaths from cardiovascular and respiratory diseases
  • Increased weather-related disasters, which can destroy health care infrastructure
  • Variable rainfall leads to changes in fresh water supplies, which can make good hygiene difficult
  • Longer seasons for vector-borne illnesses, such as malaria

The health care sector has a role to play not only in preparing for these negative outcomes, but preventing them. The U.S. health care system contributes 10% of the nation’s carbon emissions. As health care workers, we are committed to advocating for changes within our own sector and beyond to ensure a healthy future for our patients.