Take Action

As SEIU Local 1991 members, our goal is to win better wages, benefits and working conditions. Political action is crucial to our success.
The primary concern of some political leaders is protecting the interests of the very wealthy, at the expense of working people. If we don’t use our membership strength to build political strength and credibility, then we cannot expect to hold lawmakers accountable for protecting our rights or supporting the issues important to working families.

SEIU Local 1991 encourages our members to be politically active. In an age when too many politicians are controlled by millionaire special interests, we must work in our communities to make the issues that are important to  working     families widely known. We need to register to vote and go to the polls on Election Day. We should work hard to elect leaders who will stand for our issues, and work equally hard to hold them accountable, after Election Day, for improving the lives of working families.

In addition to electing worker-friendly candidates, we’re working closely with legislators to pass important legislation.     Some of the issues we have been fighting to win legislation on are:

  • Safe Lift Program
  • Minimum Staffing Levels (Safe Staffing for Quality Care Act)
  • Whistle Blower Protection for Healthcare workers who speak out about problems in their hospitals and
  • Enhanced Retirement Program “Special Risk.”

Member Political Organizers

These are members who are interested in and willing to organize co-workers around political activities that will improve life for working families. Activities range from lobbying elected officials at the state or local level, to signing petitions, and writing letters to the editor.