Staff Discrepancy Forms

Click the link to download and print a PATIENT SAFETY & STAFFING DISCREPANCY_2015

Here are other steps you could take to address staffing concerns in your unit:

1) Consult the Local 1991 RN contract, Article XXXII (page 66) to see ratios.

2) Report the staffing concern directly to your supervisor and use the JHS policy on staffing ratios to support your position. If it is not a violation of the policy, explain why it is an unsafe assignment in your professional opinion. If the supervisor doesn’t fix it, go up the chain of command until the issue is resolved.

3) Fill out the SEIU Local 1991 Patient Safety &  Staffing Discrepancy Report. Forms are available from your steward, your rep and in the link at the top of the page.

4) Fill out an incident report and file it via Quantros. Record the report number on your SEIU staffing form.

To download a flyer with helpful tips you can share with your colleagues, click here: SafeStaffingHow To