A Message From Executive Director Martha Baker, RN

Martha_Baker5SEIU Local 1991 is an active, member driven union made up of 5,000 Registered Nurses, physicians, other medical professionals and healthcare workers at Jackson Health System (JHS). Our local is part of the largest healthcare union in the country, with 2 million members.

As a Union member, you are entitled to participate in the programs described on this website. We hope you will take advantage of them.

We invite you to become actively involved in our Union. Many decisions in healthcare today are being made in the political arena. If we truly want to improve our work lives and the quality of our community’s healthcare, we must come together in large numbers and raise our voices and vote strategically for ourselves and for our patients. That is how we can achieve quality and affordable healthcare for all.

Union membership carries with it some responsibilities, and we need you to become involved in and work with our Union. Local 1991 is a largely volunteer-based organization. Our executive board is elected by the membership and serves on a voluntary basis. Much of the member representation and membership organizing is done by members like you, who serve as volunteer stewards. There are also a number of committees on which you may wish to serve, such as health and safety, quality of nursing care, civil and human rights or organizing.

If you are interested in participating in any of these voluntary positions, please contact your union representative or call the Union office.

In Unity,

Martha Baker, RN
Executive Director of SEIU Local 1991

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