SEIU Local 1991 Committees

COPE Committee
The Committee on Political Education (COPE), is charged with informing, mobilizing and educating Jackson Health System employees about the current political environment and related issues.

Membership Committee
This committee provides leadership for identifying and implementing strategies for attracting and maintaining union members.

Young Members Committee
This newly established committee provides a forum to engage younger member’s interests, talents and leadership potential in the activities and programs of the union.

Climate Change Committee
The JMH/SEIU 1991 Climate Committee seeks to reduce the hospital’s carbon footprint to improve community and environmental health and to use our credible voice as health care workers to speak up about environmental justice.

Civil and Human Rights Committee
This committee is devoted to winning and maintaining basic civil and human rights. The committee works to protect individuals from discrimination of any kind. It also holds events to raise money and support for increased understanding of the civil rights won over the years.

Retired Member Committee
This committee provides a forum for retired SEIU members to identify and support relevant SEIU issues.

Other Joint JHS/SEIU Committees:

Health & Safety
The purpose of this committee is to identify and investigate health and safety hazards and make recommendations on preventive measures. There are three sub-committees: Safe Lift, Anti Neoplastic Safety and Workplace Violence Prevention.

This committee/council is a shared governance group of system wide JHS nurses that serves as a clearinghouse for patient centered staffing practices.

Shared Governance Councils
The purpose of shared governance is to provide a forum for grassroots participation decision making. Shared governance is  recognized as an essential component of a healthy work environment. Although shared governance councils were initiated by Nursing, many of the councils especially unit practice councils, are multidisciplinary. Councils include:

  • Advanced Practice Registered Nurse Council
  • Communication Council
  • Nursing Cancer Council
  • Nursing Informatics Council
  • Nursing Theory Council
  • Pressure Ulcer Prevention Program
  • Versant Residency Recruitment and Retention Council
  • Nursing Research and Evidence-Based Practice Council
  • Standards Council
  • Unit Practice Council