An Update on Unit-Based Teams

Performance Improvement Analysts at JacksonAre you curious to know what’s going on with unit-based teams at Jackson? We recently sat down with our newest group of Performance Improvement Advisors (Helga “Esther” Segura, RN; Yaakov Reif, RN; Rafael “Ralph” Conception, RN, and Laletrice Ward, RN, pictured here) who are helping to train unit-based teams around the hospital on process improvement, to better understand their work. 

Unit-based teams (UBTs) are groups of frontline workers – “the people who know best what their unit needs,” says Yaakov Reif, a trauma RN and one of our current advisors – who identify and work to address specific problems affecting patients or employees. 

26 UBTs are currently active across Jackson, each of them working with co-leads from management and from the union. They are focused on areas including workplace safety, affordability, and responsiveness. Improving responsiveness is a “win, win, win” for patients, employees, and Jackson, says Ralph Conception, RN, another performance improvement advisor. The higher the hospital scores on responsiveness in post-discharge patient surveys, the more Medicare reimbursement Jackson is eligible for – and the better for the quality of patient care and the employees delivering that care.  

“We are giving nurses and hospital workers the autonomy to make their workflow better and make their voices heard,” says Ralph. “We’re teaching them the tools needed to make change for our patients and themselves.”

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