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To bring down health costs and ensure that insurers put patient care over executive salaries and profits, the Affordable Care Act requires plans to spend at least 80% of each premium dollar on direct health care- this is called the Medical Loss Ratio requirement. Policy holders and employers want to get the best value for their premiums and have an interest in making sure this part of the law is not side-stepped. If insurance companies do not spend at least the minimum percentage on direct patient care they have to give policy holders back the money they should have spent in the form of rebates.

Critics: Jackson Health System cuts hurt primary care for poor

Leaders of the Reaves center and another Jackson-run clinic — the Dr. Rafael A. Peñalver Clinic in Little Havana — complain that in its financial distress, Jackson has damaged primary care for the poor by cutbacks, elimination of pharmacy services and dental care, and forcing uninsured patients to go to Jackson Memorial to register for discount services before returning to the clinics for treatment. Jackson has also raised fees the poor must pay out of their own pockets for their care.

Veteran Banker Steers Jackson Health System into Calmer Waters

Carlos Migoya took over the helm of Jackson Health System, one of the nation’s largest and finest healthcare systems, on June 1 as President and Chief Executive Officer. Since then, the veteran banker has quickly and deftly begun the daunting task of steering the financially troubled system onto a sounder course and off the shoals of uncertainty. It is a challenge Migoya accepted with the support of the business community and 10 months’ experience balancing Miami’s budget.