SEIU Members Take Action to Fight Cuts, Job-Killing Proposals

SEIU Healthcare Pennsylvania members want to make sure their members of Congress know that we cannot solve the ongoing debt ceiling debate through cut and gut economic policies only. Cuts to Medicare and Medicaid will cost jobs and hurt those who have helped support the programs. SEIU members visited the district offices of Representatives Tim Holden and Jason Altmire to make sure the message was delivered loud and clear.

Save Medicare! Make Big Banks Pay Their Fair Share!

The United NY coalition, which includes New York SEIU Locals 1199SEIU and 32BJ, organized seniors and community members to hold “Knit-Ins” at bank branches throughout New York City and Long Island with the theme “Save Medicare, Make Big Banks Pay their Share.” After being bailed out by taxpayers, banks are back to making record profits–and many are not paying their fair share in taxes.

Call Your Member of Congress Now and Tell Them to Stand Up For Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security

SEIU President Mary Kay Henry sent an emergency action alert to more than 400,000 SEIU activists asking them help protect our safety net, the patients who rely on these critical services and the workers who deliver them. Deep cuts would add millions to the unemployment rolls and deny medical care to the most vulnerable among us – including many of the people SEIU members care for on a daily basis. Will you do your part and help?