Our community and our patients need a strategic, sustainable plan to save Jackson! What about new revenue ideas? What about accountability for UM? What about a primary care strategy? Why are there still efficiency ideas that haven’t implemented yet?

Jackson’s nurses, doctors and healthcare professionals gave back $106 million last year, setting us back to 2007 wages.  If Jackson’s administration slash our salaries again, they risk pushing us out the door to competitors who are more than willing to offer us 2011 wages. Who will care for our patients then?

Last month, our legislators shifted funding from Jackson to HCA and Baptist. A few weeks ago, Commissioner Sosa’s hand-picked task force made up of Jackson’s competitors recommended privatizing Jackson without a public vote. Now, Mr. Migoya’s first priority as CEO is to help our competitors by offering below market wages.

Who is watching out for the patients and our community?

We need to find out who is behind the conspiracy to RIP APART JACKSON…and who will benefit…

we know it won’t be our patients!