Attending Physicians Begin Contract Negotiations with Management

Once again, Jackson’s managers attempt to balance their deficit budget on the backs of healthcare workers.  On Monday, July 18th, the Attending Physicians entered into contract negotiations.  The proposed changes and concessions to the contract are similar to what management has proposed for the RNs, and will likely also propose to the Professionals.

Below is a list of management’s proposed changes to the contract:

  • Take back 3% COLA increase
  • Eliminate full time ECC $50.00 biweekly supplement
  • Propose PHT Pension contribution similar to 3% FRS contribution
  • Decrease PL accrual rate by two days per year, reduce PL cap from 500 to 200 hours for current employees and 100 hours for new hires (“Use it to or lose it” proposal)
  • End PL payouts
  • Freeze payout of extended illness for current employees; eliminated extended illness payout for new employees
  • Adjust CMEs and replace with $4000 annual stipend
  • Increase night differential from $2 to $10
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