Attorney General Pam Bondi: Whose Side Is She On?

Progress Florida

It’s bad enough Gov. Rick Scott is hard at work dismantling key consumer protections, but now he has a partner: our own Attorney General Pam Bondi. She seems to think her first duty is to protect some of Gov. Scott’s biggest corporate pals – the banks – instead of hard working Floridians. Recently, Bondi fired Florida’s two leading attorneys investigating the epidemic of foreclosure fraud ravaging our communities.

The attorneys investigating foreclosure fraud said they were forced out.

Sign Progress Florida’s petition calling on the Attorney General’s Office of Inspector General to investigate.
June Clarkson and Theresa Edwards were tasked by then-Attorney General Bill McCollum last year to investigate allegations of widespread fraud taking place in foreclosures occurring around the state. They did their jobs well…perhaps too well for Pam Bondi.

The investigation by Clarkson and Edwards produced a blockbuster presentation entitled “Unfair, Deceptive and Unconscionable Acts in Foreclosure Cases.” The presentation demonstrated numerous outrageous examples of blatant fraud and deception by banks and law firms initiating foreclosures known as “foreclosure mills.” Clarkson and Edward’s work was so effective it was used in other states in prosecuting foreclosure fraud. Then in May, despite a recent glowing performance evaluation, both attorneys were suddenly told by a supervisor to immediately step down or be fired.

Sign the petition calling for an investigation of Attorney General Bondi’s actions.

Foreclosures are ripping Florida families and communities apart. Due to investigations by attorneys general in all 50 states, journalists, and citizen activists alike, widespread fraud and abuse by the banks has been uncovered. Attorney General Pam Bondi’s attempt to slow or shut down investigations into illegal activities by banks must be met by thousands of voices of protest from Floridians. Too many of our neighbors are suffering for us to be silent.

Pam Bondi isn’t supposed to work for Gov. Scott, her campaign contributors, or the banks. As the people’s attorney she’s supposed to work for us. Join us in making sure she does.

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