Lack of Data Causes Delay in Bargaining

After weeks of asking management to give us the real data behind their proposed contract takeaways, they agreed today that they have not yet provided us with necessary numbers and calculations.  They said they would work as quickly as possible to provide data.

Both sides agreed to postpone today’s bargaining. “Our team is ready to evaluate management’s information as soon as it arrives and then start working on responses to their proposals,” said Chief Negotiator Martha Baker, RN.  “As soon as we receive and validate the data, we’ll be ready to start serious negotiations.”

As we begin to consider their proposals, our main priorities are:

  • Ensuring a sustainable plan is in place to save our public hospital
  • Maintaining our guaranteed work week
  • Maintaining our 4/3 schedule option
  • Ensuring sacrifices we make are recoverable as soon as Jackson survives this financial crisis
  • Ensuring cuts are equitable among all stakeholders

Thanks to all of our members who showed up for bargaining to support our team. We will notify you as soon as the next bargaining date is set. If you have any questions, please contact the bargaining team member in your unit.