A New Save Jackson Community Task Force is Launched!

About 50 community leaders met on Sept. 13th to form the new Save Jackson Community Task Force, a coalition dedicated to finding solutions to preserving Jackson Health System and ensuring that our health care institution doesn’t cut services and remains in the public’s hands.

Elected officials, labor leaders, human rights advocates, healthcare professionals, educators, political activists and pastors were among the diverse group who came together to discuss ideas and methods to garner community support for our Save Jackson campaign.

One of the biggest concerns among the group was that information regarding the ongoing efforts to privatize Jackson is not being communicated enough to the general public. Task force members agreed to share information about our Save Jackson campaign among their own networks and set up meetings where community members can learn more about our campaign.

Here’s a recap of some topics discussed at the meeting:

  • Providing more grassroots education.
  • Connecting with voters and ensure they are educated on privatization efforts that will ultimately cut servces to the public.
  • Hosting interfaith meetings and developing strategies among various groups
  • Reaching out to the business community.

The task force is off to a great start! We will keep you posted as the group progresses.