Your Ongoing Support for Jackson Has Made a Difference!

We’ve held several events, launched an ad campaign, collected thousands of pledge cards and attended town hall meetings – all in the hopes of keeping Jackson Health System in the public’s hands and avoiding cuts to services our community depends on.

The Miami Herald reports that commissioners have suddenly backed off of their plans to privatize Jackson. This recent development is a direct result of your commitment and dedication to Jackson while delivering excellent patient care that has earned Jackson its #1 ranking among South Florida hospitals. Thank you for your commitment to Jackson.

The fight to save Jackson is far from over as state legislators might take up the issue of privatization in the near future. As we continue our negotiations with Jackson, let’s remain committed to ensuring that a sustainable plan is in place for our public hospital so that we can continue to provide invaluable services to the community.

Thanks again for your unwavering dedication to our patients and our hospital.

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