At the bargaining session today, our bargaining team offered several proposals that respond the financial crisis at Jackson, but demand guarantees that we will get the money back if it is not used to actually fix Jackson and make it a sustainable system that does not sacrifice quality patient care.

“We will only give our hard earned dollars to help patients, not politicians,” said Martha Baker, RN, the president and chief negotiator for SEIU Local 1991.  “We gave $106 million last year and what has changed? This time we are going hold management accountable.”

Our proposals amount to a sacrifice of $36 million on top of the $106 million we gave last year.  They include:

-One year suspension of $10 biweekly flex dollars
-One year suspension of the $1,000 annual flex dollars
-PHT Retirement Plan mirrors of the changes to the FRS pension (including a 3%
employee contribution)

Along with an oversized check for $36 million, our bargaining team presented to management the Public Protection Plan, which requires that the financial sacrifice from Jackson’s healthcare workers be used to
benefit patients, while assuring Jackson becomes efficient and sustainable.  We also presented a check for last year’s $106 million stamped WASTED? in red.

Among other requirements, the Public Protection Plan calls for Jackson to use the $36 million to:

1. Open clinics in underserved areas (to provide better patient care and cut down on more costly ER visits)

2. Reduce ER wait times

3. Reduce clinic wait times

4. Keep Ryder Trauma Center open

5. Require a fair Annual Operating Agreement with the University of Miami

6. Keep the Burn Center open

7. Keep Emergency Room open

8. Give back 1% to SEIU bargaining unit members if any bonuses are given to executives

If the money is used to cover up bureaucratic mistakes or mismanagement, the Public Protection Plan calls for money to be returned to the nurses, doctors and healthcare professionals who sacrificed it. Click here to read the Public Protection Plan.

Additionally, our proposal calls for the return of the money to us if Jackson Health System is taken away from the public and given to a private corporation, or if a new governance scheme is put in place that allows Jackson to operate outside the Florida Sunshine laws, without full transparency.

Be sure to come to our membership meetings to get more bargaining updates on Friday, Sept. 30th in DTC 270 from 7:30 to 9 a.m. and from 11 a.m. to Noon!

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