Meet Your New Union Stewards!

The votes have been tallied! Your new union stewards are …

First Name
Last Name
Lourdes Barquin CHS Pre-Trial Detention Ctr
Denise Glass DTC 3 SICU
Merike Koshal WW 9 Neurology
Elizabeth Goncalves WW 7 Orthopedics
Ramon Ramos PMC Medical Records
Lori Laidler Lab Microbiology
Muzzammil Shotande Lab Transfusion
Laletrice Ward WW 6 Telemetry
Marie Eloi Lab Core
Rafael Reguero WW 9 Neurology
Beverly Christian PET Primary Care
Valerie Harper CHS Ward D
Nadine Francillon WW 7 Orthopedics
Kathie Harris WW 6 Telemetry
Nicole Victor HRHC PCC South 1
Stephanie Ellis JNCMH Childrens Home Bound Svcs
Alexander Santos WW 9 Neurology
Madeleine Raymond SW 6 Geriatric Renal
Daniel Eugene WW 6 Telemetry
Danielle Fleurme SW 8

Your union steward has been selected as a leader in your unit and will be the primary communicator on behalf of the union…keeping you informed of the latest issues and being your first contact regarding your rights and responsibilities as union members.

Your union steward is also responsible for:

  • Organizing members to address workplace issues and assist members in problem solving and resolving issues.
  • Inspiring members to get involved in union activities.
  • Distributing flyers and other communications to members in your unit/area.
  • Conducting meetings with members in your unit/area to share information and discuss issues. Educate members on labor issues, legislation, politics and related union activities.
  • Communicating member concerns and issues to union leadership and staff as necessary.
  • Being familiar with the Collective Bargaining Agreement and being a resource for members regarding their rights and responsibilities at the workplace.
  • And more…

If your area does not have a steward yet, please contact your union rep so that we can hold an election!

Stay in touch with your union steward and get involved in union activities. In Unity There is Strength!