Union Members Demand Answers On Dropped Healthplan Doctors

Demanding answers

A group of 35 SEIU 1991 members stormed the office of senior vice president Fernando Salgado on Friday afternoon to demand answers about why their doctors have been dropped from the JMH healthplan without any notification.

They told Mr. Salgado that members are being turned away from their doctors appointments or being asked to pay full cost before receiving service.  “This is unacceptable and we must get answers,” said Barbara Scollon, RN.

Mr. Salgado admitted that some providers were no longer in the network (he claimed about 13 percent) and had no answer for why employees were not notified when their providers left the network.  He advised employees to check the healthplan website at www.jmhhp.com to see the current list of providers.  He said the list is “always updated.”  He also said that employees should call the helpline at 305-575-3640 if they have any issues getting the healthcare services they need and that all claims will be paid. He agreed to set up a special hotline for this issue when members complained that no one can ever get through on the current helpline.  He said that number would be available by Saturday morning, November 5.

Mr. Salgado also said he would personally address any unresolved issues and invited employees to email him directly.  His email is Fernando.Salgado@jhsmiami.org.

We continue to monitor this issue closely and may have to bring legal action if our members are being denied access to healthcare or incurring  additional expenses as a result of this unannounced change in providers.

Union members are asked to email union@seiu1991.org  to report any issues you are having with your provider leaving the JMH healthplan network.

Salgado fields questions from members
Members wait for Salgado outside his office
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