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As our bargaining team and experts continue to work on verifying ever-changing numbers from management, it is important that members understand that our unity and resolve during negotiations are key to our success.  Mr. Migoya is launching underhanded tactics to divide and conquer, but we must continue to fight for the best possible contract.

Today, our financial experts were again given different numbers for the cost of items under negotiation.  We are working hard to align on the numbers.  All concessionary items originally proposed by management as well as the furlough days are being costed out. The bargaining team has been actively working on prioritizing items and has been seeking input from members on what to bring to the table for discussion. Be sure to keep in touch with your bargaining team member to hear updates and give your input.

  • Membership Meeting Tomorrow: Get the latest updates at our meeting tomorrow, December 1st, in Rehab 3 Auditorium from Noon to 1:30 p.m.

  • Update on furloughs: We have filed grievances on the furloughs.  We believe they violate the contract in several ways and we hope to win the grievances, but that process takes several months.  We are talking to management about the possibility of negotiating other ways to save the money they expect to save through the furloughs, but we have not reached an agreement. In the meantime, management is going to start implementing the furloughs tomorrow, December 1.  We are urging members to keep track of any staffing issues by completing staffing discrepancy forms and sending them to management and the union office. Our bargaining team is continuing to attempt to negotiate a better solution and will keep you posted if an agreement is reached. Again, we urge you to talk with your bargaining team member, or email the union office, with your suggestions.
  • Bargaining update: We are waiting to hear from the financial experts that the numbers have been validated before we return to the bargaining table.  We will inform you as soon as a date is set. If we are able to reach a tentative agreement at the next bargaining session, we will hold informational meetings and every bargaining unit member will be able to vote on the agreement. It is important that members stay engaged with bargaining team members and union leaders and staff during negotiations so that everyone’s voice is heard before a tentative agreement is reached.

Below are your bargaining team members:


TRAUMA/Burn — Carla Quigley
ECC — Nicole Holnes
South Wing — Linda Johnson-Lamb
West Wing (Med/Surg units) –Lisa Ward/Merike Koshal
Adult ICUs (excluded trauma) –Barbara Scollon/Denise Glass
ARNPs –Carol Robley
Midwives –Wendy McQueen
CRNAs– Debra Diaz
Mental Health– Omayra Hernandez
ACC/Clinics — Gwen Barker
OR/PARU/GI Station — Marcia Blum/Norberto Molina
PEDI — Lisa Saunders
Women’s — Ann Edwards/Denise Marsh
Rehab — Mary Ramirez
Nurse Educators — Keith Buehner
Float Pool/CSO Per Diem Pool –Tim Gray
Jackson South — Barbara Fraser/Martha Turner-Heath
Jackson North — Priscilla St-Louis/Arnell Duncan-Leacock
Nursing Homes — Marjorie Roch


Marie Eloi
Transfusion Lab
Microbiology Lab
Virology/Special Labs
Nuclear Medicine
Vanessa Miller
Pharmacist (Clinical Practice and Hospital Clinical)
Pat Neff
Clinical Psychologist
Speech & Hearing Clinician
James Gray
Jackson South
Cathy Olivo
Jackson North Medical Center
Rolando Tabares
Medical Social Worker
Health Educator
Magalie Pena
SFAN Social Worker
CMH Counselors
Elisa Priscal
PT/Occupational Therapist
Behavioral Therapist
Recreational Therapist
Alejandro Gonzalez
Medicaid Specialist
David Gonzalez
Other Professional Services
Training Specialist
Managed Care Facilitator
Medical Records Practitioner
Poison Information Specialist
Clinical Management Specialist

Attending Physicians:

Danielle Desvallons — Attending Physician, Jackson South ECC
Roshan Rao – Hospitalist, Medical JIS Hospitalist
Jose Vildosola —  Attending Physician, Ambulatory Services PHC South Miami
David Woolsey — Attending Physician, Emergency ECC

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