Jackson changes absentee policy, union takes legal action

Today, management issued a revised absenteeism policy without bargaining with the union. We immediately notified management and demanded that they bargain over any changes to the policy.

Despite Carlos Migoya’s and Ric Cuming’s irresponsible actions and indefensible remarks regarding the furloughs, let’s continue to take great care of our patients to the best of our ability.  It is important that when employees use unplanned leave that they continue to use it appropriately.

We have and always will fulfill our professional responsibility to patient care. We are proud of our record.

We are continuing to speak out about the effects of the furloughs.  Please continue to send in staffing discrepancy forms and petitions. We are compiling this data and presenting it to those who are responsible to take action.

Stay tuned.  We will communicate regularly with any updates.

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