Members to Migoya: “Furloughs Aren’t Working”

Members to Migoya: “Furloughs Aren’t Working”
After gathering 1,500 signatures in one day, Caregivers Urge Migoya to
Stop Wreaking Havoc on Jackson.

About 40 members wearing purple Save Jackson t-shirts stood behind President Martha Baker, RN, as she presented over 1500 petition signatures and recounted several alarming stories of potentially dangerous staffing, dissatisfied patients and long wait times due to furloughs at today’s Financial Recovery Board meeting.

Baker provided just a few examples from the more than 200 staffing discrepancy reports members have recently submitted, which paint a bleak picture of the state of Jackson.

Fed up with CEO Carlos Migoya’s recent missteps, our members have mobilized within the last 24 hours, gathering more than 1,500 signatures from units throughout Jackson. The petition urges Migoya to “Do No Harm.”

“Your mishandling of the furlough issue has put an incredible strain on us and has affected service here at Jackson. Our patients deserve better!” Baker read aloud from the petition as Migoya looked on.

“You can ignore this, you can say it’s politics, but it’s at your peril,” union attorney Mark Richard told the FRB. “We’re nervous and you’re put on notice. You can’t make decisions in this hospital without walking these halls.”

Thanks to all of our members who gathered signatures and showed up at today’s meeting. Solidarity is our strength!