SEIU Local 1991 Members Ratify 3-Year Contract!

Jackson’s nurses, healthcare professionals and attending physicians approved a three-year contract agreement where caregivers will sacrifice an annual $52 million that will help pave the way for Jackson’s recovery and sustainability.

CLICK HERE TO VIEW A SUMMARY OF THE CONTRACTS FOR RNs, Professionals and Attending Physicians

“After many months of bargaining, Jackson’s caregivers have once again shown their unwavering dedication to our public hospital by not only saving the lives of the patients we serve, but also offering up their hard-earned money to save Jackson itself,” said President Martha Baker, RN. “While other hospitals are rewarding their employees with raises, Jackson’s caregivers are reaching into their own pockets to help turn around this hospital. We are committed to being part of the solution to Jackson’s recovery.”

With the contract ratification process completed, we can now remain100 percent focused on saving Jackson and we will be working with Jackson’s management, elected officials and the public to get Jackson on the pathway to a sustainable future.

Thanks to members of our bargaining team for all of their hard work to ensure that we secured a contract that was best for our membership!

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