More Information Regarding Jackson Layoffs

We have received some more specific information that includes job classifications on the layoffs announced last week.  Click here to see the job classifications in the SEIU bargaining units that are on Carlos Migoya’s layoff plan.

We have no information on the physical location of the positions listed or the names of the employees who will be affected.  Please remember that the incumbent employees in the listed positions are not necessarily the ones who will be laid off due to the bumping process in our contract.  Simultaneously to the announcement of the layoffs, Mr. Migoya also announced that Jackson will be posting 250-350 part time nurse positions.

As you know, with the help of our members and our community, we are loudly and vehemently opposing this plan. As we prepare to make our evidence-based argument for why these layoffs will harm patient care, we are asking our members to send us any and all evidence specific to how the layoffs would affect patient care in your unit.

Please submit this information to or to your union rep.

Thank you to hundreds of members who attended our rally yesterday at the County Commission.  Commission Chairman Joe Martinez granted a public hearing on the layoff plan, but we have not yet been informed of the date.  Stay tuned and continue your activism as we stand up for our patients, our profession and our beloved Jackson.

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