Member Norberto Molina, RN, In DC To Support the Affordable Care Act!

As Supreme Court justices listen to arguments on the Affordable Care Act this week, Local 1991 member Norberto Molina, RN, is currently in Washington D.C. standing in favor of the healthcare law.

Molina and about 1,000 other supporters of the law are standing outside the Supreme Court as justices hear arguments through Wednesday. “It’s breathtaking to see so many people here supporting the law,” Molina said. “It goes to show you how much we need a law like this in place.”

Molina is currently being interviewed by several news outlets, included CNN, NPR and The Washington Post. He said a common question reporters ask him is: “What about the critics who say people can’t afford it?”

Molina said he uses Jackson Health System as an example of why the Affordable Care Act is so important. “My response to them is, we can’t help but to afford it because as it stands right now, the uninsured wait until the last minute to get care and patients end up in the emergency room where healthcare can cost up to four times as much as preventive care. In the long run, the Affordable Care Act is going to save the country money.”

Molina said it’s the responsibility of healthcare providers to educate the public about the Affordable Care Act. “It’s so important for us as caregivers to understand it so that we can go out and educate our patients, families and the community. It’s our responsibility because we are on the front lines and we see the effects of this law.”