More Information on Jackson Layoffs

Management has violated our contract by implementing an ill-conceived layoff plan. The process has become unnecessarily cumbersome and has brought added confusion to an already difficult time at Jackson.

Over 400 (CSN) staff nurses system-wide have received layoff letters. However, management is creating 300 or so part-time CSN positions.

We believe these part-time positions should have been filled via the reassignment process, which would have avoided hundreds of layoffs. Needless to say, management has gone forward with the plan and we must survive.

You may have the opportunity to bump a nurse with less seniority and maintain a full-time job. Many of you may choose to take part-time positions to remain in the system.

Before you decide to take a part-time position with benefits, please be aware of the changes in benefits that exist. As a part-time employee, you maintain all of your full-time benefits, including healthcare, except:

•         No longevity bonus.

•         No survivor benefit.

•         $1,500 tuition reimbursement (compared to $3,000 for FT)

•         Personal Leave and Extended Illness accruals are prorated based on hours.

Our union staff is available to help members navigate this process. If you have any questions, please contact your union representative or call our office at 305-620-6555.

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