Members Attend Rally at Carnival Shareholders Meeting

Local 1991 members stood outside the W South Beach Hotel to protest Carnival Cruise Lines during their shareholders meeting on Wednesday, April 11th.

A crowd of people gathered outside the hotel to demand that Carnival Cruise Lines — which generates about $2 billion a year yet pays 1% in taxes — pay their fair share.

If Carnival contributed to the local economy, Miami-Dade County would have more funding for job creation and fewer cuts in vital services, such as Jackson Health System!

Local 1991 members Maggie Pena, BSW, Norberto Molina, RN, and Denise Dixon, RN, were protesting outside the hotel during the shareholders meeting. Inside  the meeting, President Martha Baker, RN, and David Woolsey, MD, spoke out during the meeting on behalf of the community — demanding answers on why Carnival doesn’t pay taxes.

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