Read the letter from President Martha Baker, RN to CEO Carlos Migoya

On Thursday, May 17th, President Martha Baker, RN, sent a letter to CEO Carlos Migoya regarding Jackson layoffs.

Here is an excerpt:

“Your fast-tracked, misguided layoff plan has set in motion mass disruption at Jackson, negatively impacting more than 600 RNs (628 per management) and the quality of care they deliver to patients. Highly trained nurses–who are the core of Jackson’s reputation –ended up in specialized care units where they have no expertise or training. For example, you sent nurses with decades of experience in mother baby units to cancer treatment areas. What were you thinking? You turned JHS upside down to prove you were in control. In the end, it turned out that NO nurses actually left without a job at Jackson unless they chose to leave voluntarily (which over 100 highly skilled and experienced nurses did).”

To read the entire letter, click here
To read Migoya’s letter to President Martha Baker, RN, click here

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