Members Fight for a Rai$e in the Minimum Wage at Bayfront Park

On Tuesday, July 24th, Local 1991 members joined other labor organizations for a rally to raise the minimum wage at Bayfront Park. Did you know that the current federal minimum wage is $7.25 (Florida’s is $7.67)? If our politicians did their job and raised the wage with inflation, it would be $10.55.  That would put almost $100 more in the pocket of a full-time minimum wage worker in Miami each week!  Instead, politicians have only raised the federal minimum wage 3 times in 30 years while passing laws to put more money in billionaire’s pockets.

During the rally, a variety of workers spoke about the hardships they faced in raising families on small salaries and the need for our elected officials to make changes that will benefit all hardworking Americans — not just the 1 percent. Loafs of breads and roses were also handed out at the event to symbolize the historic “Bread and Roses” strike in 1912, which took place in Lawrence, Massachutes.

Thanks to all of our members who came out to this important event in solidarity with other labor groups. As we continue our fight to save Jackson, we also join with other employees in the fight for a fair economy!

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