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Keep Jackson ER public


Thank you for your Sept. 4 article Female leaders object to outsourcing staff for rape treatment center at Jackson Health System. I work as a nurse practitioner at the Roxcy Bolton Rape Treatment Center, and we see an average of 35 to 40 sexual-assault victims each month. My fellow caregivers and I encounter some of the most heartbreaking and devastating cases. Our patients are young and old, male and female.We are the only center of its kind in Miami-Dade County. When victims walk through our doors, they are met by a professional team that includes sexual-assault examiners, social workers and victim advocates. Our main goal is to provide our patients the very best emotional and physical support, in addition to collecting forensic evidence so that the perpetrators are successfully prosecuted.

We are asking Jackson’s leaders to stop the proposal to privatize Jackson’s emergency room and the Rape Treatment Center. To take this center and turn it into a “for profit” facility is not in the best interest of our patients.

Carol Ann Robley, Miami

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