Financial Recovery Board to Remain in Place After Controversial Vote

In a very disappointing turn of events for anyone who cares about Jackson and the patients we serve, the Board of County Commissioners voted today on a change to a county ordinance (25a) that will allow all the current Financial Recovery Board members–who have proven to a rubber stamp for Carlos Migoya–to continue their terms for several years to come. When vacancies do eventually occur, a 9 member nominating council that will include 5 of the current members (majority), will pick their own replacements.

The vote today was a very well orchestrated power grab by Mr. Migoya and his board. They have locked in a four year term for themselves, after approving another two-year term for Mr. Migoya just last week. The community Jackson serves will be locked out of having any say about their public hospital for years to come.

Commissioner Joe Martinez, the sponsor of the proposal, acted as though he was doing the unions a favor by allowing the AFL-CIO to appoint one of the 9 members of the nominating council. But considering our appointee would be only one of 9 votes, the influence we will have will be minimal.

Five Miami-Dade County Commissioners stood up for Jackson during this crucial vote and re-affirmed their commitment to a more diverse and representative board, including Commissioners Jordan, Edmonson, Moss, Barriero and Suarez. Commissioner Monestime was out of town and absent from the meeting.

We were disappointed with the votes of Commissioners Martinez, Sosa, Diaz, Heyman, Bell, and Bovo. We were disappointed that Commissioner Souto left the dias during the vote and did not cast a vote. His vote on our side would have made the difference. We are hoping this issue will be addressed again at next month’s commission meeting so that all commissioners can cast their votes.

We are asking our members to come to the joint meeting of the FRB and Commission on Thursday, October 25 at 11 am to make sure the Board members and the commissioners know that we are watching and we will not let our public hospital be ripped away from the public. The meeting will be held at the Stephen P. Clark Center, 111 NW 1st Street in downtown Miami.
Our fight to save Jackson for our patients and this community is not over! We must remain united and strong!
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