January 2013 COPE Political Update

COPE members returned from the holidays in January with a renewed energy to get involved in politics at every level. If you missed the meeting,  mark your calendar  for February 12, 2013 at noon for the next COPE meeting (DTC 270).

This month, members told us how they would be staying engaged in politics and what their political action plan was for 2013.  Although many members took a bit of a break after election season, good ideas were offered as to how they would ensure that their votes and our big wins last November would mean something.

One of the most popular ideas members were excited about was to attend the upcoming Nurse Lobby Days in Tallahassee on April 17 & 18.  Members who go are empowered by the chance to meet with the legislators we helped to elect and remind them to honor their campaign committments while in office. Keeping in constant touch with our elected officials builds relationships that ensure we’re at the top of their minds when they are making laws that affect us.

Members overwhelmingly agreed that remaining committed to COPE was a priority  and by doing that they would have a perfect venue to be politically active. In December, members embarked on a month-long journey of recruiting new COPE members. Members were eager to share their experiences with the group giving wonderful advice which will help in the continued recruitment of members all year long.

Other topics we covered included the realities of how the federal “fiscal cliff” political showdown could affect members.  Many members were flabbergasted that Congress would put the American people through such tribulation while other members were relieved that taxes would go up only about $1000.  For those that hadn’t a clue about the fiscal cliff, we gave a brief update on how the middle class would be affected and what we would be looking forward to in the future. Most people were just happy that it was somewhat over and the plan would keep taxes from increasing significantly and sequestration would be avoided.

The next COPE meeting is February 12, 2013 at 12 noon in DTC 270. Mark your calendar for this meeting and the first Tuesday of every month to join us for lunch and an opportunity to be a politician without having to run for office.  We look forward to seeing you there!