New Stewards Bring Total Past 100

Elections for stewards were recently held in a number of units across Jackson Health System.  We now have 102 active stewards at JHS and look forward to electing more in future election phases.

Stewards are great front-line leaders who can help members stay connected with union business and handle the daily issues that come up in every unit. Congratulations everyone who stepped up to this new leadership role!

To get you started, we are holding an all-day training for all newly elected stewards on Thursday, March 21 at the union office. If you are on the schedule to work that day, you will be released to attend the steward training on a union “K-day.” The approval from Labor Relations will be forwarded to you later this week. Please give the approval letter to your supervisor as soon as you get it to confirm they have received it. If you have any issues being released to attend the training on March 21, please contact your rep ASAP.

New SEIU Local 1991 Stewards
Unit/Location First Last
CHS Main Jail Mental Health Charmain Anderson
CHS Turner Guilford Knight Center Lourdes Barquin
JS-OR Helga Cazo
CHS Pre-Trial Detention Ctr Amira Dela Espriella
CHS Pre-Trial Detention Ctr Ena Dumond
CHS Stockade Darline Etienne
JS-Potential Medicaid Dennis Ferguson
ET 7A OB GYN Cheryl Fleming
ET 6A Pedi Transplant Cheryl Glasgow
MH Forensic Evaluation Bethy Gousse
WW 14 Michael Gruber
JS-2 South Telemetry Hector Gutierrez
WW 14 Nancy Henri
NDHC Charade Horton
WW 10 General Surgery Veronica Hunt
WW 15 Tiffany James
ET 7A OB GYN Patricia Menard Joseph
ET 6A Pedi Transplant Jasmine Lalanne
Jefferson Reaves Dunbar Elementary Ann Nagy
JS-3 Tower Sandra Nofal
WW 10 General Surgery Idalys Sotolongo
WW 11 Stroke Unit Alexander Pacheco
WW 11 Stroke Unit Alhaji Tarawally
ACC W Pharmacy Sereda White
ET 7B Ante-Partum Jessica Williams