Medicaid Action Call March 15

For the next 30 days, healthcare advocates from around the state are making calls to their legislators to support Medicaid expansion.

Friday, March 15, is our day to make calls.

It takes less than ten minutes to call and add your voice as a healthcare professional.

Register online today to give your ten minutes to the cause. You will be able to select the time most convenient for you. The registration page contains all the information you need to make your calls during the time you select.

What to say:

Feel free to personalize your message using a real story from your front-line experience as a healthcare professional. Below are some fast facts you may find helpful. You can also download and print out a flyer to have with you when you make the call. Find it here: Medicaid Expansion Facts

  • Medicaid expansion will save lives, create jobs and strengthen Florida’s economy. It will lead to healthier, more productive families and strengthen businesses.
  • More than a million Floridians would be covered under expansion, billions in federal funding will flow to the state, and an estimated 65,000 quality healthcare jobs will be created over the first six years of expansion.
  • Failure to expand Medicaid would have a devastating impact on hospitals such as Jackson Health System, due to its public mission of providing healthcare even to the uninsured. At Jackson, up to 70% of all admissions come in through the ER and roughly 14% of JHS’ $1.6 Billion cost of care is uncompensated. Years of Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement cuts by the Florida Legislature have already hurt Jackson. Better primary care afforded by expanding coverage will reduce those costs.



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