New Stewards Empowered and Inspired at Workshop

stewardtraininggroupMore than two dozen stewards gathered last week for an all-day workshop held at Local 1991 offices in Miami Gardens.

Stewards learned the fundamentals of how to build a united, organized and involved membership in their workplaces.

“It was very informative and empowering,” said Esther Cazo, RN, a clinical staff nurse from the Jackson South OR who attended the workshop.

Without this level of commitment at the unit level, no union can effectively protect and serve its members. Stewards are educators, communicators, organizers and problem solvers.

The workshop featured sessions on using our contract to help advise members when situations arise, how to work with both members and management to solve issues, the many benefits of membership, becoming politically active, and other topics. The energy and enthusiasm of the group was infectious.

“It gave me that extra jolt of energy to support my colleagues to fight for our rights,” said Sereda White, a pharmacist at Jackson Main.

Several executive board members, including Carol Robley, ANRP, Sam Ruiz, RN, Marie Eloi, medical technologist, Sandra Nofal, RN, and Denise Glass, RN, were also on hand to talk about what they’ve learned since becoming active in the union.

“I really enjoyed it and felt it was right on point,” said steward Dennis Ferguson, an enrollment specialist who works at Jackson South. “Back at work, I’m trying to educate everybody on what the rules are. People need to know their rights.”

If you are interested in becoming a union steward, contact your union rep or call the union office at 305-620-6555.