Speak Out for Our Patients!

Layout 1Medicaid expansion is important for the health of our community, our hospital — and our state budget.

That’s why we are taking a stand and asking the Florida Legislature to take the billions in federal money to extend healthcare coverage for more than a million Floridians. You’ll be seeing some of your colleagues in ads like the one pictured here. See who you recognize!

Medicaid expansion is state and national priority for SEIU. In the coming days, you will be hearing and seeing ads on local TV and radio and have the opportunity to participate in the debate. Click click on “Enough Politics” to see the Miami TV spot and on  “Typical Tallahassee” to listen to a radio spot.

On Tuesday, Local 1991 president Martha Baker will talk about the issue on WMBM 1490-AM with State Rep. Jose Javier Rodriguez and Bishop Victor Curry. Don’t miss the show, starting at 9 a.m. Also look for Martha’s editorial on the subject, scheduled to appear in Tuesday’s Miami Herald.

On Wednesday, 100 nurses, doctors and healthcare professionals from Local 1991 will fly to Tallahassee to lobby legislators on the need for Medicaid expansion and other critical Jackson funding. They will tell stories about patients who have fallen through the cracks of the system because they can’t afford health insurance but make a bit too much to qualify for Medicaid under current rules.

Competing bills are being debated in Tallahassee this week. The session ends May 3.

On Thursday, Local 1991 will hold a press conference in the state Capitol at noon to speak out for our patients. In Miami, a vigil for healthcare expansion will be held at 6 p.m. in San Jacinto Park, 4430 SW 15th Terrace. It’s aimed at telling State Rep. Erik Fresen to expand healthcare now. Join the crowd to send a message!

The easiest thing you can do is simply call your legislators and tell them to take the money! Call your state legislator right now at (866) 443-1844 and tell them to support Medicaid expansion, which would ensure that families of three who earn up to $26,000 a year would have access to much-needed healthcare coverage. You’ll hear a message and then be prompted to enter your zip code to be connected to your legislator.

Two other reasons to support Medicaid expansion: Jackson stands to get $35 million from Medicaid expansion, which would cover more than 5000 annual admissions of uninsured patients coming through the Jackson ER — and treating patients through primary care is five times cheaper than treating a crisis in the emergency room.