SEIU Partnership with Western Governor’s University to Offer Affordable Programs for Nurses

WGU_Nurse Education DiscountA new partnership between the 85,000 nurse members of the Service Employees International Union, Western Governors University (WGU), and the Healthcare Career Advancement Program (H-CAP) will provide a new, more affordable way for SEIU member nurses to earn BSN and MN degrees.

Nurse members will have expanded opportunities to continue their education while still balancing a full-time career. We’re thrilled through this new partnership we can help nurse members advance their education! Under the terms of an agreement with H-CAP, SEIU members will receive information regarding WGU’s accredited BSN and MSN degree programs as well as eligibility for a 5% discount for up to two years.

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As 32 million more Americans gain access to real, quality healthcare under the Affordable Care Act, we will need more nurses with the right education and practice providing care. The best way to build that workforce is through training that both meets the needs of our changing population and fits the schedules of busy nurses. It takes educators, employers, and nurses together at the table to design a program that meets all of our needs.

Western Governors’ University comes to this partnership with a history of innovating continuing education. Education Secretary Arne Duncan recently held up WGU as an institution that is transforming education by awarding degrees not by a set number of classroom hours, but through demonstrated mastery of students’ field. This means our nurse colleagues will be well trained but won’t be pressured to leave their nursing practice to meet classroom hour requirements.

SEIU nurses are committed to improving patient care by expanding our skills and education. We are proud of our innovative partnerships like this one that supports the career aspirations of nurses and improves the quality of care for our patients. Including nurses at the table in designing our education and our practice allows us to better meet the changing needs of our growing patient population.

WGU is a nonprofit online university. What does this mean for you? Very affordable tuition. In fact, WGU charges less than half what other traditional and reputable online universities typically charge. Tuition is charged at a flat rate, meaning if you can complete your program in less time, you’ll save both time and money. WGU is also approved to offer federal financial aid to those who qualify.

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