Part Time to Full Time Conversions

In January, our union negotiated with JHS management to create a process that would allow all part-time CSNs (both the 12 1/2-hour shift and 8-hour shift) to convert to full-time status.

To get converted, part-time employees had to work a full-time schedule at least nine out of the twelve weeks between January 6 and March 30, 2013.

Recently, Local 1991 obtained Jackson management’s first list of employees who successfully converted from part time to full time.

In reviewing the list, we have already found some errors. We’re sure that there are more employees who should be on the list than management currently shows.

See the list of names here: PTConversionList

If you are not on it and believe you should be, take action now!

· Check the list

· Collect your records (pay stubs, schedules)

· Talk to your manager

· Contact your steward (find your steward here) or union rep.

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