Jackson’s $830 Million Bond Issue

Last week, the Public Health Trust voted to allow Jackson management to put an $830 million bond issue on a referendum in a special election to be held this November.

Details on how the money would be spent are preliminary and we will be closely reviewing them with our bottom line of quality patient care and long-term sustainability in mind.

On Friday, the Miami Herald posted a story with the first numbers indicating where JHS’ capital priorities are. Read the story here.

On Sunday, the Herald ran an opinion piece by PHT Chairman Darryl Sharpton on why Jackson needs the money. Read that op-ed here.

The issue now goes to the County Commission, which will vote on Tuesday on whether to allow the referendum to move forward.

We are interested in working with Jackson management to ensure that the plan that is eventually approved by voters strengthens the system’s ability to provide quality patient care.

We’ll be keeping you informed as the issue moves forward.

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