Part-Time to Full-Time Conversions

As you know, Jackson management made an agreement with SEIU Local 1991 to convert part-time personnel who were working full-time hours back to full-time status.

Those who worked at least three shifts a week for at least nine of the twelve weeks ending March 30, 2013, were to be converted back to full time.

As management began that process, it became clear that the implementation of our agreement was not covering everyone who should have been covered.

In June, Local 1991 filed a grievance on the following four categories of employees left out of the conversion process:

  • Employees who worked 8-hour shifts
  • Employees who didn’t complete full shifts
  • Employees who were part time prior to the layoffs but meet the requirements for conversion
  • Employees who were put on a 3/2 schedule after March 30 in violation of the agreement

We have filed for arbitration on these issues but we are working to resolve them hopefully before that point. 

If you believe you should have been converted but weren’t, contact us at

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