United for our 5% on Aug. 29!

Phone Calls Flood County Commission

This week, Jackson employees began calling their County Commissioners to demand that they honor the contract made with employees during the recession.

We want our 5% back. We earned it and they agreed to stop taking it Jan. 1, 2014. More than 200 of our members touched base with Commissioners’ offices on Thursday alone. Hundreds more signed petitions going around the campuses.

Please continue to make the calls whenever you can in the next week, as we prepare to stand in solidarity with other county workers at the impasse hearing on Aug. 29Click here to read a letter sent to the Commissioners by president Martha Baker, RN.

As part of the fight for our 5%, we’ve put the stories of members on the SEIU at Jackson Facebook page.

 The point is to let Commissioners, the Mayor and our community see us for the dedicated professionals we are.

Please take a minute to visit the page, tag your friends, post comments and share with all your contacts. If you’d like to add your face and story to the album, send a photo and one or two lines about why you need your 5% back to rebecca@seiu1991.org.

 And don’t forget to join us to rally for our 5% at the County Commission at 9 a.m. Be there!