Mayor Gimenez Vetoes 5% – the Fight Continues!

On Friday, Mayor Carlos Gimenez vetoed the Aug. 29 decision of the County Commission to restore the 5% contribution to its Solid Waste workers.

Read the Herald story here. Read the veto memo here.

In essence, the veto means that the issue will return to the Commission within the next couple of weeks. With nine votes, the Commission can overturn the veto. Eight commissioners voted in favor of returning the 5% last month.

Meanwhile, SEIU Local 1991 is still at the bargaining table with management at a critical juncture for Jackson. We will need all hands on deck to present a unified front in talks with both JHS and the County Commission.

The fight is far from over! Round One went to labor, Round Two to management. Round Three is up to all of us.

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