SEIU at Jackson Turns Out for Bond

CarolRobleyNurses, doctors and healthcare professionals turned out Sept. 17 to show support for the campaign that aims to upgrade Jackson.

Martha Baker, RN, and Carol Robley, ARNP, spoke at the press conference, while other SEIU Local 1991 members joined public safety officials, faith leaders, business and civic leaders and other members of the Miami-Dade communityto launch the Citizens for a Healthy Miami-Dade bond campaign.

 “We’ve got the best staff you could ask for, but the facilities haven’t kept pace with the times,” said Baker. “We want to be able to continue providing the high level of care our patients deserve.”

 On November 5, Miami-Dade voters will be asked to approve an $830 million bond that will allow the system to modernize operating rooms and emergency rooms, build a children’s ambulatory pavilion, build 8 to 12 urgent care centers around Miami-Dade County, upgrade hospital IT systems, purchase state-of-the-art medical equipment and build a new physical rehabilitation hospital.

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