5% Hearing Set for Dec. 5

StickerSkyCircleSHAPEDEMOIt’s baaaack — the fight for our 5%!

The County Commission has scheduled impasse hearings for most county unions, including ours, on Dec. 5.

This will be a real showdown as we face off against Mayor Carlos Gimenez, who wants to deny all county employees the promised end to the 5% pay cut.

Read his recent op-ed here. It should make you mad.

That means we have to show up in force to show the Commission we stand together.

Mark Dec. 5 in your calendar. The hearings will start at 9:30 a.m.

Sign up here.

This summer, we fought as a unified front with other county unions  to win the 5% for a sister union to set a precedent for our own win.

The County Commission voted in our favor, only to have Mayor Gimenez veto the vote.

In September, the Commission voted to overturn the veto, thus giving back the 5% to Solid Waste and Airport workers.

In October, we went to impasse with Jackson management.

Now that we are at impasse, our communications to the Commission are legally limited, which is why a big turnout at the Dec. 5 impasse hearing is critical.

Show up and urge your colleagues and friends to do the same.

If we want our money back, we have to fight.

The other side will be there.

Will you?