Dec. 10 Bargaining Update

On Dec. 10, the SEIU Local 1991 bargaining team sat at the table with management to go over pending issues.

Members from the ER, MICU, SICU, OR and other units provided eye-opening testimony about the effects of short-staffing in their units.

Local 1991 continues to pound the safe staffing drum, with testimony and data collected unit-by-unit that clearly show that proper staffing is not only better for patient health and staff morale– it’s also cheaper than resorting to overtime and agencies.

Here is a brief summary of where we are to date:

  • The 5% — The County Commission approved ending this concession, but Mayor Gimenez is expected to veto the vote. That will kick the issue back to the Commission for a vote to override his veto. That vote is expected to occur on Dec. 17. We will need all hands on deck to ensure that we get the two-thirds majority needed to overturn the veto. Call Commissioners now and plan to show up on Dec. 17. Details to come.
  • Bonus pay: At the table, management indicated its willingness to negotiate an across-the-board gain-sharing payment of 2.5% to 3%, beginning early next year (pending approvals by the PHT and Commission).
  • Step raises: Making members whole who’ve lost out on steps for the past few years is important. How we tackle this issue depends directly on the outcome of the 5% and gain sharing negotiations.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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