Commission Fails to Overturn Veto on 5%

The Miami-Dade County Commission voted 8-5 today to overturn the Mayor’s veto of the 5% – but that was one vote less than the two-thirds necessary.

Voting in our favor were Commissioners Barreiro, Diaz, Edmonson, Jordan, Monestime, Moss, Souto and Suarez.

Voting against us were Commissioners Bell, Bovo, Heyman, Sosa and Zapata. Take note and remember them at election time!

Especially disappointing was Chairwoman Rebeca Sosa’s vote.

She had stated on the record several times that she would do for all the unions what was done for the first two to get their 5% restored.

But today, it was clear that the Mayor had gotten to her and she changed her tune.

The decision happened in a packed chamber as Sosa, Heyman and Bovo in particular each played their part in carrying the water for Mayor Gimenez’s agenda.


The vote means that the veto stands, which in effect kicks the issue back to impasse hearings.

The Commission did chastize the Mayor for never really negotiating with the unions in the first place and directed him to go back and make a good faith effort.

It will take some time before it is clear exactly when and how this will occur.

As soon as we have news, we will inform you. But rest assured, this issue is far from over.

In the meantime, we thank those members who took time to be at the hearing and make calls.

Those who sat on the sidelines should consider this a wake-up call.

Politics is a rough business and requires a team effort.

We’ll regroup and be back in touch soon.